Witness Oil




Healin’ Hollers Witness Oil – Wrinkles result from a breakdown in collagen, the fibrous protein that holds our skin together. As we age, the collagen becomes less soluble and less flexible. As a result, the skin loses its smoothness and the lines and creases we know as wrinkles begin to form.
Witness Jojoba Oil penetrating and carrying moisture into collagen.
Witness the essential fatty acids in Hemp Oil toning your skin.
Witness the anti-oxidants of Green Tea nourishing and healing your skin.
Witness the collagen strengthening effects of Gotu Kola.

Witness Oil
for smoother, firmer, healthier skin.

Witness the difference!

½ oz. Cobalt
Blue Bottle

Ingredients: Organic Hemp Oil,
Jojoba Oil,Organic Green Tea,
Organic Gotu Kola