Mullein Flower Oil




Healin’ Hollers Mullein Flower Oil – An excellent remedy for ear aches and ear infections. Because cold oil dropped in the ear can increase the pain, always warm the bottle to body temperature by placing it in a warm water bath before applying. Use 3 to 5 drops in the ear three times daily. For best results follow with a warm compress for ten minutes and a gentle massage behind and below the ear.

Never apply to a ruptured ear drum. If rupture is suspected, have the ear drum physically inspected by a health care practitioner before applying herbal ear oil.

Use Healin’ Hollers Mullein Flower Oil to soften ear wax before candling ears.

Mullein Flower Oil is also soothing to bruises, especially on sensitive body parts. The warm oil helps to soothe and reduce inflammation in hemorrhoids.

½ oz. Cobalt
Blue Bottle with glass dropper – $5.00

Ingredients: Mullein Flowers, Olive Oil, Vitamin E Oil