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My sister Alice started the original Healin’ Holler back in the 1990’s. Her love of the Ozarks, the Hollers of Arkansas, and all things natural drove her passion for producing outstanding natural products.

When Alice passed away in October, 2013, the business transitioned to Jane. Unfortunately, Jane passed away this past February, 2019. And there has been no attempt by Jane’s heir(s) since that time to keep the business going.
So I have decided to collaborate with Ambra Rose to restart the business with a new name – The Healin Holler. Ambra Rose worked with Jane making salves, oils, and creams for the past year and a half and kept the business going as Jane became ill. Ambra Rose is certainly qualified to continue producing the wonderful products that my sister developed so many years ago.

Please be patient as we work to get the new business up and running. Rest assured that Ambra Rose will continue my sister’s passion for producing the same great products that you have been buying for years. And The Healin Holler will go on.

The Healin’ Holler is an eclectic little business in the Ozarks that began with a love of the Hollers, was nurtured by a passion to photograph – and continues with a desire to share.

We offer a variety of products especially made for those folks who appreciate the natural and the healthy life that is possible when we wisely use the abundance of Nature’s Bounty. Our Herbal Salves, Oils, and Lip Balm are made with all natural ingredients and promise a soothing, healing answer to many skin conditions. A Digger’s Guide to Medicinal Plants is a beautiful book of photos and information about the harvesting and preparation of many medicinal plants that surround us in the wild.

For summertime, be sure to check out our Summer’s Scent Insect Repellent and our Chickweed Salve, two products guaranteed to make your summer a bit more pleasant.

Browse through our website and enjoy! We hope to hear from you soon.

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